Contractors and mechanics often face a dilemma when choosing an adhesive: expensive brands or a cheaper alternative with uncertain quality. Also, many who attempt DIY are often not sure of which correct adhesive to use for their repairs.
And thus, SILOCK was born in 2005 with 2 goals: everyone should know what adhesive to use. And those who already know, should be able find it everywhere, with the right quality and with the right price.
Why Adhere and Seal with SILOCK
We support you, always
We constantly strive to build a strong rapport with our customers. We try our best to answer any questions by our users and strive to provide you with solutions. Not sure of which glue to use? We will call you, email you instructions, pictures - whatever it takes to help.
For our export market, we work closely with our overseas partners to ensure on time delivery and distribution of our products. The lock in our logo symbolises the trust we build with our partners - we place full commitment to our partners across the globe in order to form a mutually beneficial partnership. Proudly Malaysian, SILOCK has now formed long term partnerships in more than 10 countries across 3 continents.
With the right product
We have grown from our start with silicone sealants to a wide range of products that fulfils the following markets:
  • Construction & Hardware
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Industrial
  • Do-It-Yourself

Our current line up of adhesives & sealants include RTV Gasket Makers, Epoxies, Cyanoacrylates and Solvent-based adhesives. And we will bring you more in the future.
With the right quality
At SILOCK, we pay great attention to even the smallest details in our entire process. Our quality assurance program ensures that our incoming raw material is of top condition, manufactured to a high quality final product and delivered on time. And of course, our processes are ISO 9001 certified.
At the right price
SILOCK has managed to strike the perfect balance between high quality and competitive price, by correctly identifying and understanding our target market and offering the right products. This is coupled with our efficient management and manufacturing process to maximise our cost effectiveness.

So, choose SILOCK®. We are not the biggest in world, yet. But we can serve you better, with the right product, with the right quality and at the right price.
SILOCK® is a registered trademark of Silock Technical Inc.