Epoxy Adhesive
MODEL : 4 Mins Clear Epoxy
4 Mins Clear Epoxy - 4 Minutes Clear Epoxy is a fast setting, non-shrinking clear epoxy adhesive. This industrial strength product is excellent for bonding metal and for filling defects in metal, wood and masonry. 4 Minutes Epoxy hardens and bonds by chemical reaction. Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, filed etc.
MODEL : 4 Mins Steel Epoxy
4 Mins Steel Epoxy - 4 Minutes Steel Epoxy is a steel filled fast setting, non-shrinking gray color epoxy adhesive. It offers good gap-filling capabilities and slumping characteristics. It will chemically bond steel, brass, copper, bronze, iron, plastic, wood, concrete and ceramics. Withstands high temperatures and is pressure resistant. Use to repair: worn valve seats, cracked housings, coopers and cylinder heads, gas tank leaks, radiator leaks, torn keyways, stripped threads, worn pulleys, loose screws, etc.