SL-342 Silicone Fluid
SL-342 Silicone Fluid is a clear, colorless and odorless linear polydimethylsiloxane fluid / pdms silicone fluid (cas #63148‐62‐9 with a  viscosity of 1,000cst centistokes). Silock sl-342 silicone fluid are  used  to  provide  motion control,  noise  reduction  and  smooth  feel.  When compared  to  hydrocarbon based  lubricants,  silicones  have excellent temperature- viscosity characteristics, higher  shear  stability,  water  resistance  and  better  low  temperature  performance.  They  provide  a  superior protective  film  between  moving  parts  ensuring  quiet mechanical  operation  and  smooth  action  over  a wider range of environmental conditions. These enhanced qualities extend service life of the mechanism.